The fame of the Gold of Peru and its legends attracted many European sailors for over 500 years and this was one of the causes of the fall of the Inca Empire, giving rise to the founding of the Viceroyalty of Peru by the Spanish Crown. 

Our visit to the museum will allow you to appreciate a dazzling collection of gold artifacts from the Pre-Columbian cultures with more than 3.000 years old. This exhibition includes hundreds of works of gold decorated with precious stones some of which were part of the royal garments of the Inca Empire and of incalculable historical value.

The museum also shows a large collection of weapons and objects from different times and places, dating back some 1,300 years BC Then we will visit the Park Larcomar, the Mirador with breathtaking view of the Miraflores waterfront and ending at the Inca Market where you can buy clothing items and typical artifacts from the Inca's and Alpaca wool cloth made by craftsmen in the Andean areas.

Tour price: $ 35.00 per Person
Min 2 Person, Max 9 Person
Includes: Entrance and Bilingual Tour Guide
Duration: 4 hours (approx.)





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